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Natural treatment for vitiligo

Goodbye Vitiligo is a 100% natural treatment to effectively treat vitiligo

What is

Goodbye Vitiligo

Goodbye Vitiligo is an extrac of plants and fruits of Amazon Jungle, result of ancestral knowledge transmitted verbally through the years. 

Goodbye Vitiligo has properties that stimulate the production of melanocytes as well as accelerate the process of melanin production, which contributes to the effective treatment of vitiligo. This treatment has proven to be effective in more than 70% of treated cases, being able to cure the most severe cases of vitiligo.


Goodbye Vitiligo is totally safe, does not produce side effects and can be applied to children over 7 years and older adults.

Our product is more effective than traditional treatments such as exposure to UVA rays, a treatment that is only 40% effective.

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Our prices for international destinations are in dollars (USD) and include international shipping by super fast express delivery by DHL (Door to door shipping). Once we make the shipment, DHL takes 2 to 6 days to deliver the package.

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We're a company located in Armenia - Colombia, and we represent Adiós Vitiligo internationally. So we take care of shipments from Colombia to the whole world of the natural product to treat vitiligo.

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We have been in the market for more than 14 years contributing to the health of vitiligo patients


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Luis Eduardo Martinez

I have suffered from vitiligo since I was 22 years old and no remedy had worked for me, recently I started using Goodbye Vitiligo, and my surprise is that it has done very well for me, new brown areas began to appear ...(Original testimonial in Spanish)

Sr. Miguel Hollos

I had vitiligo on my arms and face and thank God I was cured with this treatment. (Original testimony in Spanish)

Adriana Aguirre

The treatment has gone very well for me, in the neck area the vitiligo has been greatly reduced, I am very grateful to Goodbye Vitiligo. (Original testimony in Spanish)

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